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Q: I am an aspiring model/actor. But I lack proper guidance. How can your portal be helpful to me?

A: You can sign up for a portfolio with our website. Thereby, your profile will get wide exposure because the site is visited regularly by casting agents, film directors, producers and other industry professionals. You have the option to choose Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum membership. The better your membership portfolio is; the more will be the number/volume of photos, other personal data and details you will be able to post.

Q: Is it expensive to sign up with you?

A: Basic membership, that is Bronze, is ABSOLUTELY FREE. But under that account you will be able to post only one photo and basic personal data. In searches for casting, Platinum members will show up first, then Gold, then Silver and finally, Bronze. Silver or any higher membership gives you other special privileges like getting access to special members-only casting areas and the like.

Q: How can a Modeling Agency or Casting Agent contact the models and actors?

A: For that you need to sign up as Modeling/Casting Agent. After signing up, you can access Model/Actor Talent Search. You can click on the thumbnail to reach the portfolio of the model/actor. There you can click the contact link which will take you to the message page from where you can contact the model/actor by e-mail. If the model/actor is interested in your project, they will contact you back. If you find it difficult to contact the person, you may inform us and we’ll assist you in the matter.

Q: What should I do to upload my photos?

A: First you need to sign up as a member. Then you can access your portfolio where you can upload your photos.

Q: What is the prospect of getting calls for modeling/acting?

A: The site modelsactorssingers.com is regularly visited by industry professionals and casting/modeling agencies. As a result there is tremendous prospect of being contacted for these assignments.

Q: How will agencies and others contact me?

A: The Member Messaging System of modelsactorssingers.com will help them contact you.

Q: Will my nationality or place of residence matter?

A: No. As the Internet has no geographical or regional limits, everyone in the world has equal opportunity.

Q: I have little/limited experience. Will it matter?

A: Not likely. In fact, the best of the models and actors in movies, TV commercials, etc. have been mostly selected from among the new faces having no/little experience in the respective fields.

Q: What kind of photos should I upload?

A: It is always advisable on your part to upload photos which are produced in a professional way. The technically better your photos are, the better the acceptability of your profile is and so are your chances of getting contacted.

Q: Is there any guarantee of work, if I sign up?

A: In fact, there is tremendous scope of getting regular work. However, modelsactorssingers.com or any other responsible organization in the line cannot guarantee such work. If any organization guarantees such work, it is most likely that it is a scam. It is because the volume of work a model/actor gets depends on the quality of the photos and the looks and the suitability of the candidate for a particular assignment, in the opinion of the person who hires them.


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