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"Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter" —so sang Keats. But singers as you are, you need be heard far and wide. You need to get more and more, new and new offers and opportunities to exhibit the singer in you. You need to get wide exposure and win accolades and adulations from every corner.

Singers as you are, you need to have ample and abundant scope to exhibit your talents to other singers, artistes, industry professionals, directors, producers and also to those who are related to or interested in the industry. This will facilitate a wider and better assessment and appreciation of your talents. This in turn will be translated into more and better offers and opportunities for you.

The site is regularly visited by a great number of artistes, industry professionals, directors, producers, etc. It makes sense to capitalize on this facility and have access to the veterans and doyens of the industry. You are welcome to post and publish your photographs and profiles here!


Singers SpotLight

Arpita Singh
Arpita Singh
Mumbai, India

Diksha Verma
Diksha Verma
New Delhi, India

Monica Seth
Monica Seth
Toronto, Canada

Sophia Gupta
Sophia Gupta
New Delhi, India

Rebecca Miller
Rebecca Miller
New York, USA
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San Antonio , USA

Kenya Garcia
Kenya Garcia
Long Beach, USA

Pathnitharn Sreeiams
Pathnitharn Sreeiams
Playbang, Thailand

Beverly Ehart
Beverly Ehart
Sunnyside , USA

Zairia Miller
Zairia Miller
Washington Court House, USA
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